How you promote your business matters.


These days, most people jump online to do a little research before going anywhere or buying anything. Before you start marketing your local small business online, remember that you first need a website that your visitors can check out. Where shall we eat tonight? What workout class fits my schedule? Whats is there to do for the children this weekend? Where do I find a last minute birthday gift? More often than not, your website is the customers first impression. So build likeability and trust and  get noticed!

Website (Re)Design

Supercharge your 
Social Media

Content Marketing: 

Bond with your customer


Most small businesses are masters of their own craft, not website experts. And how can you do it all? Just don't compromise on your online visibility. Your first impression is crucial. If your website is more than 5 years old it is probably a little outdated or not responsive on mobile devices.


Has it been few years since your website was last updated? It is probably ready for a re-fresh. After all, your website is your modern day storefront.


Included in this package:

  • objective evaluation of your current website (design & functionality)

  • recommendations for improvements

  • re-do of website design


Best for: businesses with excisting website & logo


Average investment: $1,400 (4-5 page website)

Revamp your website 

Web Design from scratch

Congratulations on your new business! You are ready to join the internet of everything. Having a website is like always having your door open and inviting (potential) customers into your business. Even when you aren’t at work, your website is. Your customers can get to know you and your products on the website at their convenience. Better than passing out your business card to thousands of people.


Included in this package:

  • 1:1 session to discuss your goals, design taste and needs for the business

  • branding proposal 

  • web design


Best for: start ups/ new businesses or businesses with no prior branding or online presence


Average investment: $2,400 (4-5 page website)

Supercharge your Social Media

Everybody can set up a Facebook page. But how do you get followers, besides begging your friends and family to "please go like my page"? And how exactly does a Facebook page help your business grow anyway? With so many platforms to chose from (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Houzz, Blogging, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope, just to name a few), what are the best options for my business?

Let me do a competitive scan for your industry, your competitors and your target customers. Next I will present the best choices in the ever changing social media landscape and how (and how frequent) to engage with potential and existing customer. 

Included in this package:

  • Social Media Audit (your industry, your competitors, your target customers)

  • Social Media Plan 

  • Set up of the proposed accounts with your graphics and design

  • 1:1 instructions on how to most effectilvey manage the accounts and fly solo


Best for: businesses that already have website and basic branding


Average investment: $600


Content Marketing: How to win friends and influence people.

Content marketing is all about communicating with your customers WITHOUT selling. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are sharing information that your customers can appreciate and like to receive. For example: if there are 10 plumbers in a town but only one provides helpful information that educates the community about plumbing maintenance, problems, options and innovations, that plumber will stand out as the expert.

Consistency is a key. This means publishing fresh content at a regular frequency, creating many opportunities for a target market to see the company’s name. Your brand becomes top-of-mind. You might be thinking, “That’s not what I do, I’m not a writer!”. This is where content marketeers come in! 


Best for: businesses that already did an extensive competitive scan (see Supercharge My Social Media) and want to step up your game on social media but don't have the time - or skills - to dedicate to creating content.


This package includes:

  • Benchmark your social media analytics and set goals for the next 3 months.

  • Identify focus keywords for your business

  • Prepare contact lists for outreach

  • Set priorities and create inbound marketing roadmap 

  • Daily scan of social media land 

  • Create weekly copy & graphics content (blog posts excluded)


Starting investment: 3 month retainer starting at $1,200/ 3 months (depending on your goals)


Online Marketing & web design